Metta movement & Meditation studio 

Classes held at:

5 Hamilton Ave North, Ottawa, Ontario
Tel: (613) 695-3000

GMB's Pillars

The Pillars class uses GMB’s full curriculum to develop strength, flexibility, and motor control.


Class will begin with a warm up which continues as we move in to the Elements Program, after we will spend some time exploring some new movement skills using the Vitamin Program.


Now that your all warmed up we will get our sweat on with Integral Strength, before stretching out with Focused Flexibility.


For those of you new to the GMB method this is a fun way to explore what the body can do, come and surprise yourself.

GMB's Focused Flexibility –

Getting Bendy 

This class is inspired by GMB's Focused Flexibility program.


Focused Flexibility was designed by Jarlo Ilano, a physical therapist since 1998 and board certified orthopedic clinical specialist with the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties. It’s based on his experience helping patients regain their movement abilities after injuries and accidents. Jarlo chose proven protocols and techniques from his professional practice and combined them with his knowledge of teaching yoga, martial arts, and gymnastic movements to create the most effective and efficient flexibility program available.