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Dwayne is certified as a Focused Flexibility Specialist, MovNat Level 2 Trainer, Sports and Exercise Nutritional coach with Precision Nutrition, and YMCA PT. Through his experience as a martial artist, avid rock climber, and his passion for all forms of movement, Dwayne helps his clients become strong and mobile through movement and play. Real world application of skill and strength are his main focus as a teacher.

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Dwayne was my coach with Precision Nutrition. My initial goal was to make sure I fit in the wedding dress I had bought the year before. Two weeks before my wedding, I was loosing so much weight, I was worried my dress would be too big and I already had my last fitting with insanely custom alterations. Dwayne helped me right away with a plan that allowed me to keep doing the workouts, feel great, and not have to buy a new dress until after the wedding.

Over the past 4 months of being under Dwayne's coaching, I've lost about 20 pounds, am stronger, and feel better than I ever have. I work a creative desk job and am typically hunched over a screen for 97% of my day. Since the program with Dwayne, I'm on a fast trajectory to living a healthy life with immediate results I both see and feel on almost a daily basis.


Client since June 2017

When I turned 65, I was gaining weight (even though I was watching my diet). My training which consisted of one day cardio, one day weights 6 days a week, was not giving me the results I expected given the efforts I was putting into it. I was just about ready to give up and say I was too old for this.

I had seen Dwayne doing his funny workout and decided to give it a try. Well now at 68, I am in the best shape ever. My pants size has gone from 38 to 34. On the muscular aspect, with his guidance, I was able to gain muscles and solved problems that were the results of past injury. Now, I can enjoy things that I loved and was not doing anymore like playing tennis.

He makes me work on my flexibility. I used to be as flexible as a piece of glass, but now I’m starting to see some results. On my own, I would have never done flexibility exercise.

He is a very good coach; he pushes me so that I don’t get lazy but never exceeding my capabilities. I trust him even though I had my own doubts. Sometimes, we had to adjust but eventually I did it. Who would have thought that at 68, I would have done rings (and not break my neck)!


Client for 4 years

An old injury has left me with one leg that is misaligned. When I started working with Dwayne a few months ago, I was frequently in pain and walking with a limp, while trying to remain active. Dwayne gave me a very targeted set of stretches to help the leg and after only a few weeks, I was walking pain free and without a limp. He regularly adjusts the stretches and if my leg starts to act up, all I need to do is stretch and I am back to my new normal! It is almost magic!


Client for 6 months

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